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Suffolk Swift

In response to a recent Shop enquiry I have been having a closer look at Suffolk Swifts/Super Swifts. Can anyone confirm or deny that the difference is solely down to size ?

I'm also exploring the possibility of producing a set of transfers for the Swift. Does anyone have a good original example with all the transfers which could be photographed. Alternatively some good digital images to aid the artwork would be most welcome.

If anyone else would be interested in a set of transfers for a Swift please let me know.

Lee Smallwood Fri, 25/10/2019

I have both the swift and super swift, and yes it's just down to the size, 10 inch for the swift and 12 for the super, 

I will look through my photos to see if the swift transfer is useable, I masked up the original super swift transfer on the grass box and painted around it. I'll attach photos later, if they are of use to you I will happily email them. Also would love a set of both if available.



RansomesRob Fri, 25/10/2019

Hi. Found this from a advertising leaflet dated 1958 and thought you may be interested, as Lee says it shows the Swift having a 10" cut and the Super Swift a 12"cut.. Cheers. Rob

Lee Smallwood Fri, 25/10/2019

Dragged them out the mower garage to photo both together.

Another difference noticeable is the handles. The super having a bracing bar lower down, although not shown in the leaflet.

Looking at the decals, freewheel ballbearing is shown in the grass box transfer for the super swift, and not shown on the side plate transfer or the grass box transfer in the smaller swift, 

Also SUFFOLK is shown on the grass box transfer not the side plate decal.

Hope this helps. 

stonethemows Fri, 25/10/2019

Many thanks gents for the helpful info. I also need to know if there is a  transfer on both sides of the chassis.

stonethemows Sat, 26/10/2019

Got it, thanks Lee. The punter thought both sides but I wasn't sure.

Lee Smallwood Sat, 26/10/2019

Through searching eBay, I found another swift 10 inch mower, the photos show the free wheel ball bearing on the side plate transfer, so one can assume due to wear and tear that mine are not visible but should be there on all swift and super swift decals. If new transfers do become available I will certainly have a set. Lee.