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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Viceroy MKII

I was given a Suffolk Viceroy MKII a couple of months ago which looked tired and well used, it did not take long for me to make the decision to do a full restoration purely for my own gratification.

It was my first attempt and pleased with the end result.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures not lost to my broken phone.

I have since bought two other models which are currently undergoing the same restoration.

Suffolk Viceroy MKII Original condition

Lee Smallwood Mon, 07/10/2019

Excellent, did you buy other models made by Suffolk iron foundry or from other manufacturers?


John.Sutherland Wed, 09/10/2019

I have three other Suffolk Viceroy Lawnmowers,

EJ / Model II / Model II "D".

Suffolk Viceroy EJ. restored, I am not entirely sure but I think this was the first in the series,  no idea what the initials stand for. The green paint used for this mower is brighter than I realised, takes getting use to.  

Suffolk Viceroy Model II, Painted, currently looking for parts to complete.

Recently bought the Model II, "D"  No plans to paint at this time.

I have yet to find but not in a rush to complete the series the "De-Luxe" (Similar to the model D) 

From start to finish it has been an enjoyable learning curve which was not without a few problems along the way.

Bought today an attractive Qualcast side wheel from a well known on-line auction site. need to make arrangements to collect.

With exception to the De-Luxe, I have no plans to buy any more, to be honest, I never meant to start a collection, the simplicity in the design of these Side Wheel Lawnmowers in my opinion makes it far too easy to become addicted to buying and restoring. 

Unfortunately there is not a strong enough market to sell completed projects back onto the main steam and I certainly don't have the space to make it a hobby.

I will keep my mini collection of Viceroys, plus one Qualcast side wheel just because I really like them.