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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Viceroy Model 2


Originally I bought the grass box first from the seller which was described as a MKII but in fact it was the model 2 as I later found out,  I thought it would fit the actual Suffolk Viceroy MKII that was given to me. When it arrived I striped it down, made the repairs and gave it a fresh coat of  paint and a reproduction decal, through my own failings I did not check to see if it would fit my lawnmower until after the work was completed only to find it was too big.

I returned to the seller and asked if the Viceroy model 2 was for sale which the grass box belonged to and fortunately it was, I bought it taking into account it is missing the height adjusters, wooden roller and a grass deflector. After giving the mower a fresh coat of paint as seen in the pictures, I borrowed parts from a third Suffolk Viceroy I bought which at that time was going through a respray just to make it look complete.

 I have since made some changes to the wheel, painting the tread and highlighting the raised lettering on the side wheels in red. The viceroys should be a lighter green but I much prefer the darker shade.  

My son damaged the paint work on the grass box by accident going through the shed and so I will start all over again and this time put the correct decal on once painted.