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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Suffolk Viceroy Model EJ



Really pleased to have ended on a good result, you can see how bad it was before I got to work on it, in general, the rotary blades were matched by the colour of the frame but I think red stands out far better than had I kept it green, the colour I have chosen is similar to the original, just a little brighter than I expected. Washers, Split pins and the odd Bolt have been replaced where needed with new like for like ones. 

This particular model is difficult to date, research for information on these once popular Side wheel Lawnmower is very limited to just newspaper advertising in its basic form and the dates of these newspaper publications can only offer an approximate time frame as to when the Suffolk Viceroy appeared on the market.

I have no idea what the initials EJ stands for and I cannot find a reference for it either, perhaps a member could shed some light.

1954 is one of the earliest publication dates to be found in advertising for the Suffolk Viceroy, the picture below shows two different cast plates, the one from the model EJ in my opinion looks older by design than the suggested year.