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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


So this is my tarpen 15L I purchased from a reclamation yard. Spindle was jammed in the flywheel, wiring was dangerous, thought it was dead but after dad rewired it and i rebored flywheel the little tarpen lives on. In the picture is a Suffolk super swift 12 inch for scale.


If I messed up picture sizes I hope olc admin will rectify.


Triumph66 Thu, 15/11/2018

That's a nice find Lee. A friend of mine down in Sussex is a big Tarpen collector.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 15/11/2018

Could be the Paul I heard about from my transfer supplier, hopefully helping get the transfer for the handle. I haven't been collecting mowers for very long but I do like the little surprises that occasionally pop up from knowhere. I'm a big Suffolk fan but the little tarpens are so strange I'll be looking for more. 

Triumph66 Fri, 16/11/2018

Yes it is Paul Mackellow from East Sussex. Nice guy and got a fascinating collection of Horticultural machines.