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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Time to say hello

For the last four months I've been one of those phantom visitors who's found this site both highly interesting, extremely useful and very informative, but has never quite got around to joining. However I've been interested in lawnmowers since the age of five, and I've spent much of my adult life restoring machinery, but never a mower. So this year I decide to undertake a long over due lawnmower restoration project. As a child I remember Dad had a very early Suffolk Colt with the flat top tank and cup rope starter, which required the rope to be wrapped around each time you wanted to start it, or for that matter every time it failed to start! So after searching eBay for six months, I finally ended up purchasing my restoration project locally, from a very knowledgeable chap, who I suspect is also a member, and yes I made sure that my old Suffolk has a recoil starter!




gtc Thu, 10/08/2017

Welcome to OLMC.

You've done a beautiful job on that mower. Looks fantastic.


Punch_Drunk Sun, 20/08/2017

Thank you for the compliment GTC, as to my next project Wristpin I quite fancy a 17" Super Punch of a round the same era, however probably not this year. I'll keep looking around until one comes up locally. However having done the MK VII ive certainly got the bug! :-)



Lee Smallwood Sat, 17/02/2018

After seeing your punch, was wondering if you could tell me what red you used, my colt is in red oxide primer at the moment as I couldn't decide what red would look authentic, Buckingham green from hammerite is the closest chassis colour but some reds can look orange.