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VICTA Swordsman ?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows where i can get parts for an old VICTA swordsman??


need a few bits and pieces..





wristpin Mon, 18/09/2017

They were not that common even when current. I have parts books for them but no idea where you might get the parts in the UK. 

May be worth trying Jon Cruse at the Mower Centre in Hailsham, Sussex.

EDIT. 19/09/17

I've had a look at a couple of Victa parts books. The one for 1980 - 85. refers to Victa's cylinder mower as the Lawnsman 14, 18 and 23 while the 1990 book shows the Swordsman 14 , 18 and 23. A note refers to the name change and states no alteration to the technical specification. We were selling a lot of Victa rotary mowers at that time but I have no memory of their cylinder mowers or being asked to stock them.