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Villiers mk25 flywheel issue


currently having a bit of trouble with a Villiers mk 25 fly wheel. In the picture shown there are 3 screws inside this thing( I don't even know what to call it) on the flywheel. They will move quite freely about a quarter turn and then are solid in both directions. I am unsure about giving them a bit more force until I know a little bit more. Any help would be amazing!

hortimech Sun, 25/04/2021

Why are you trying to remove them ? The flywheel can be removed with the starter cup still fastened to the flywheel.


DJM275 Sun, 25/04/2021

Thanks for the reply.

At least I won't have to worry about it then. So my follow up question would be what is the best way to approach taking off the flywheel? It seems different to anything I have dealt with before. 

wristpin Sun, 25/04/2021

As per Hortimech’s reply above but when the flywheel is off just try working those screws back and forth a fraction of a turn at a time while flooding them with penetrating oil and even adding some from behind, they probably have corrosion up their threads.

The centre nut undoes with a conventional thread - anti clockwise,  but after a turn or so will go tight. You then have to apply further force to activate the self extracting feature that frees the flywheel from the crank.