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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Want a push mower - shipped to Germany


who can help me purchase a cylinder push mower.

My problem is that British push mowers are virtually not available here in Germany.
And all online auctions in UK are "collect only".

So, how can you help?
Well, the very first thing I need to know is the size of a packet with the mower in.
With this info I could look for the price for shipping the package.

You could also pick a mower from one of those "collect only" guys and bring it to the post for me.
(That's a big favour)
Or, maybe someone here even has a push mower for sale?

Anyway, I think I should concentrate on a Ransomes Ajax Mk-4 or Mk-5.
They are quite available, and the Mk-4 & 5 have a two piece handle bar which makes the packet size smaller.

So, any info about shipping a Ransomes Ajax (or other) is welcome.

Thank you very much.

WeedPicker Mon, 31/07/2017

No notification, yet.

Well, all you have to do is pick up one of the many Ransomes Ajax 4|5 in your neighbourhood , disassemble the handles, put it in a box and bring it to the post.


Of course, I would pay for your effort.

Please, mail me if someone's willing to help. I could then watch the bGay auction in your region, and maybe something works out.