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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb 24? or 14?

14' blade?Good evening folks, 


I have long been a fan of old garden machinery, and very pleased to find this group of people.

I was lucky enough to collect this old Webb 24 ride on mower. Ive researched it as far as i can, and realise its not the original motor.

As you can see from the pics attached, its clearly 24' machine, yet its labelled as a 1439. 

Can anyone shed any light on this? 

Thanks very much,





wristpin Wed, 22/02/2017

I always found the Webb model and series numbers a bit confusing but your numbers are correct for a 24" machine manufactured in 1977/79 . Model AB1439, Series 322.  The seat was model BB0087.

I think that your machine would have started life with a Briggs and Stratton 5hp engine and a steel grass box.  The plastic boxes were prone to tearing out around the mounting hooks and a later modification was a steel hoop that stuck out at about 45 degrees and engaged under the top lip of the box which then tended to split where the lip met the sides. Finally, on the next , chain driven , version of the 24. the box just sat in a horizontal cradle and was relieved of all those stresses. Model AB1480, series 365, 1983.

The belt driven 24 had a bad reputation for " eating" belts ; undeserved , in my opinion, and mainly due to a failure to understand and maintain the correct adjustment procedure. I used to mow half an acre of grass with an older 24 which started life with  an Aspera 4hp engine that I converted to a Briggs 5hp and used to get two seasons mowing from a pair of belts. 


Aslan Wed, 22/02/2017

Hi Wristpin, thats great info & thanks.  Ill restore it and either use it or sell it.  

Fully restored, with the Honda attached, what would the value be?

wristpin Fri, 24/02/2017

Judging from the prices made by two W24s , both  running with  good boxes  and seats , at a machinery sale today,  it will not be worth " restoring" your machine.  One made £35 and the other £52