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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb deluxe 2 speed

Good evening all.

The Webb deluxe 2 speed, my newest addition, brought down to me in Clevedon, from London by the lovely seller who was passing on way to Devon (yep, result!!) the 2 speed has had a bit of forum action of late, with Ransomes Rob acquiring his from the late Dave Stamford collection, thought I'd add another, although no images yet as it arrived dismantled and haven't put it together, I can see its a Cracker, some rust repelling paint on the cylinder and close quarters of it is a bit of a mess, but otherwise complete with grassbox, (some may have seen it on Ebay a couple of weeks ago) plastic front rollers need to be changed for wooden ones I believe, although apart from Robs deluxe, images on Google all seem to be plastic, can somebody confirm please. As for the 2 speed transfer box, it's very smooth, maybe too smooth, no definite notch between gearings, is this OK. I expect on use it may try and move across by itself its that loose. There was a wedge of timber by side of gear lever I removed, must be the case, duuh, will need to investigate that when I get to it. It rolls nice, ratchet gear on rear roller sounds lovely, apart from front roller, and the removal of the horrid rust paint, I'll leave well alone as its pretty nice as is condition wise. Day off tomorrow so I'll assemble, give it a go on the lawn and see how she does, and have a little photo shoot to add to thread. 

Clive1997 Tue, 08/06/2021

Hi Lee

Two speeds seem to be in vogue, glad you got one, be good to see images, sounds like there is a problem with the gear shift, await more.

Lee Smallwood Tue, 08/06/2021

Well, I was a bit impatient this morning and took cover off, all seems very nice under there, no problem with gears, nut was loose holding lever in place so a nice action now and not flopping around, couldn't wait to try it and wow, the best push mower I've ever used, grassbox brackets are very worn so box drags on the ground, some images, grass was a little moist but oh my, it was wonderful, the three rollers on the front are some sort of metal, not plastic as first thought. Grips are missing, I presume these are unavailable, so a trip to a bike shop to get retro ones to fit. Some images, Faye is not happy the washing is out on show. As I said, impatient.


RansomesRob Tue, 08/06/2021

Hi Lee. Mower and lawn look great!! Glad the gear issue was easily sorted. I got some great rubber handles for a JP Maxees from J Price of Bath, see attached link.




Clive1997 Tue, 08/06/2021

Looking good Lee, I know we have touched on this before, the Webb spares bulletin I have indicates that the Two Speed intro in 1947 & continued to 1960. 1947-1954 had fitting for edge trimmer & 1955 to 1960 without. 

Dec 1953 brochure indicates edge trimmer available for 14in electric model only.

As to handles, I know Rob has questioned his which appear to possibly be from another mower, Pram handle shown in 1953 brochure & by 1959 cross-over.

Note from the brochure.....

The Webb "Two Speed" makes light of the labour - as a variable gear helps a cyclist on a hill.

But care if changing gear whist mowing, the gear knob is dangerously near the cutting cylinder & taking your eye off the ball may result in getting tangled in the washing!!!



Lee Smallwood Tue, 08/06/2021

I'll check out the webb Spares link, thanks, definately a later model Clive, 56-58 I'm guessing. Still a joy to use, fayes said it's the best the lawn has looked so must be good as I'm pretty fussy with my grass. 


Harvey Wed, 09/06/2021

All three look good to me: the mower, the grass and the washing. Any chance of a photo' with the drive side cover removed? I like to see the mechanical bits.


Lee Smallwood Wed, 09/06/2021

As requested

the rectangle felt washer is held in place under gear locator by the gear cover, this may have been glued in place when new, the front cylinder speed gear is cantilevered by bakelite knob, I've taken photos in each location to show the travel range of bottom gear, very clever design. As the handle grips are missing, the horrid but probably useful anti rust paint and the metal rollers along with a wonderfully sharp blade, I can only assume that a previous owner looked after the mower so it works properly, but not concerned about aesthetics. It gets a little hard on the hands without the grips, but I've only got a small grass area, I think I might keep this one to use at home this summer and tidy it up over winter as it's amazing.  

Clive, can you confirm wooden rollers were on the front, I'm happy with the metal ones but will change them if right. Also, any chance of a copy of any advertising brochures you may have for this, obviously pay you for them and postage.


RansomesRob Wed, 09/06/2021

Hi Lee. If you e.mail me your address I am happy to send you copies of what I have on the 2 Speed. Cheers. Rob

Clive1997 Thu, 10/06/2021

As to the rollers, now found an image taken of a pair of Deluxe Webbs, both with metal rollers, so would appear to be the norm, although no mention in any of my parts lists or brochures.

Will sort some material etc for you.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 10/06/2021

Thanks Clive, the ones on my deluxe don't look out of place who h is why I asked, thanks for taking the time to check. Nice mowers wooden or not, 

Lee Smallwood Mon, 14/06/2021

So I used it again yesterday, I cannot get over how nice this old mower is, my lawn is like a bowling green, it's not particularly heavy so doesn't give a defined stripe of a heavier machine, if I raised the cutting height it would probably do this a little better but love how short it cuts. As an idea of why some of the deluxe's have wooden or plastic rollers, the metal ones squeak like a rusty wheelbarrow wheel, even with a good oiling they make a racket, will strip and investigate over the winter. 

Lee Smallwood Fri, 02/07/2021

We have a designated 'mowers in unusual places' section, how about unusual animals with lawnmowers,

Even naughty torty loves the 2 speed

Clive1997 Fri, 02/07/2021

The tortoise must have thought it was a 'Webb's Wonderful'?

Does this one count?