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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb Windsor

Hi folks.

Got myself this 14" 8 blade Webb Windsor today.

I have an advert from 1939 showing a 12" Windsor but not the 14". Were they produced around the same time? Any other info regarding the mower type gratefully received.

It came without a Grassbox, so can anyone help me with one for it please?

Thanks as always for any info / help received.




olcadmin Thu, 08/10/2020

This is from a 1933 trade catalogue. I have also seen similar ads from 1939 so we can be confident that the mower was produced at least between these dates, if not a bit longer. As far as I know it was only produced in 12 and 14 inch versions.

wristpin Thu, 08/10/2020

Nice little quality machine, but if to be a working machine it looks as though the cutting cylinder is near the end of its working life - many times reground.

RansomesRob Thu, 08/10/2020

Thanks for this Wristpin. As I only have 2 small lawns if I can get one more sharpen done hopefully that will  last me for a good while. I try and alternate cutting  the lawns using my different push mowers of which I have 7. Not the biggest collection in the world but I love them!!  Again, thanks for pointing this out to me, appreciated. 

Clive1997 Thu, 08/10/2020

Hi Rob

Have sent some bits tonight as promised, glad you got it, be interesting to know of any more out there, Chris P did an article in Grass Box 107 link below…

As said not many around in fact only know of 4 now including yours, but I'm sure there are other members with them hidden away.

If it had been a 12 my spare Witch box would probably fit, you could extend it!!!! just weld in a 2in strip.


RansomesRob Thu, 08/10/2020

Hi Clive. Thanks for sorting out some stuff on it for me, appreciated. Thanks for the link, I remember seeing it now,  I will take another look at it, thanks. Nice to get a rarer model. I have a spare 12" Webb grassbox. If only I could weld !! Thanks again. 

Messorestore Sun, 05/12/2021

Hi Rob, following your thread I thought I would add my  12" Windsor to the discussion. It has original instruction card and original grease gun attached to the handle brackets.

RansomesRob Sun, 05/12/2021

Hi Sean. Saw it on the Bay of E and if it had'nt been over 3 hours away from me I would have had a bid on it. It looks great and to get the paper work and the grease gun with it is an added bonus.