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Webb Witch 12" - 8 Blade - Series 5

Hi folks. I have recently acquired a Webb Witch Series 5, 8 Blade 12" push mower and would like to know if anyone could help me with it's manufacturing date?

The mower has the original Serial Number sticker attached which is ..... 229 - 25421.

Any help much appreciated.



wristpin Wed, 29/08/2018

Reading that  profile page for HC Webb it states that the Webb name is no longer used. That was probably true when the profile was written but when Bosch, the then owners of the Atco, Qualcast and Webb brands decided to withdraw from the lawnmower market the Webb brand name ended up with Handy Garden Machinery who use it on machines from various sources. 

The Atco brand for rotary  mowers and ride-ons went to Global Garden Machinery (Stiga) while the manufacturing rights for the Atco cylinder mowers (but not the brand and model names ) went to Turfmech , makers of the Allett range of professional machinery. Handy source some of those machines from Allett and brand them Webb.

The Qualcast brand name went to the Home Retail Group (Argos etc) and is used on machines sourced from China.



RansomesRob Wed, 29/08/2018

Hi Hillsider, Wristpin. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I had seen the link you kindly posted Hillsider but appreciate you pointing it out to me. Wristpin, thanks for the updated info on the Webb brand, interesting. When I get myself another mower I do try to obtain a manufacturing date if I can, along with any advertising literature that may have been produced at the time so being able to post enquiries on the forum is invaluable to a newcomer to the world of old mowers like myself.  Thanks again. Regards. Rob 

hillsider Wed, 29/08/2018

That is ok re the info, I tried to include another document containing further info relating to your mower but that would not upload as it is a pdf document. However I have managed to upload a screenshot of the section applicable to your mower, hope it helps.

RansomesRob Fri, 31/08/2018

Hi Wristpin. Apologies for late reply. Thanks very much for the info, much appreciated. Regards. Rob