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What do you put your mowers on to work on them?

Hi all,

I was just wondering what people use to put their mowers on whilst working on them? I can't imagine many people scrabbling around on the cold floor like I do, but I'm thinking that even a medium sized mower is too heavy to lift on and off a table. So, what do you have? A hydraulic lifting table of some sort? Photos welcome



Clive1997 Mon, 30/11/2020

Good question, we use a lifting table as seen here, also useful for loading heavy mowers especially when you are single handed. In the workshops we usually lift the mower on the hydraulic table & move onto another sturdy work table, always good if you have the space to move around the whole mower whilst working on it.


hortimech Mon, 30/11/2020

Excuse me, but is the second photo meant as a 'spot the health & safety risks' exercise ? 

Clive1997 Mon, 30/11/2020

That now makes sense, I heard my volunteers were tripping, just thought they were on the wacky backy, anyway today I was working on our Santa Grotto's, so Elf & safety very important.

Will Mon, 30/11/2020

Thanks for photos Clive! What make is that black lifting table please, I like it and would like to get something similar


wristpin Mon, 30/11/2020

Both Machine Mart and Sealey do a variety of hydraulic lifting benches in various sizes. I have one intended for heavy motorcycles which is wide enough for a 24” mower and long enough for two Marquises with room to spare, but doesn’t take up too much room.

I know of a couple of people who have made lifting benches based on old hospital beds. There’s one on eBay at present at a starting price of £60.

cricketer Mon, 30/11/2020

Only issue with lifting tables is that you still need to lift item to place it on table unless you have ramps made for them, the motor cycle ones are good but a lot longer , another option is a pallet truck with a scissor lift 

Will Mon, 30/11/2020

Thanks very much, I've already started looking for something, should have done it a long time ago!


Chris G Mon, 30/11/2020

I also have a large hydraulic motorcycle lift, it certainly goes low enough to roll mowers onto via a bit of board and once jacked up, a handy waist height and good for working on mowers (and bikes). But not very manoeuvrable and you need a bit of space for them.

DJD Sun, 27/12/2020

I bought my hydraulic motorbike lifting table about 20 years ago and only wish I'd bought one sooner, made in China by the looks of the "instructions" but has never let me down, you simply roll the mower onto it via a ramp included, then pump it up via your foot, about 55 pumps is the limit, a 'take out' handy section helps too. Wheels are cast iron, two fixed, two steerable. I've fitted a small 3 inch vice to mine, plus a pair of exhaust U clamps, to help hold things down whilst moving table. Mine cost £299 all those years ago, I think they're more like half again now, £450 perhaps.

Will Sun, 27/12/2020

Thanks DJD - I nearly got one last week but was outbid in the final seconds. The search continues! I may end up getting a new one from machine mart

DJD Mon, 28/12/2020

I put the small vice on this end.

This portion lifts out to accommodate motorbike wheel removal.

A couple of exhaust type 'U' clamps bolted on like this will hold straps or rope etc. to hold things steady whilst moving table etc.

Some even cheaper ones use an ordinary car jack, at least mine has a proper dedicated lifting device. I hope this helps you.

Will Mon, 28/12/2020

Thank you! Would you have a photo that is not quite so zoomed in so I can get a better general idea?

thanks again! Will