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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

What on earth is this beast?

No connection, just something I've not seen before.…

Messorestore Sat, 03/10/2020

It must be a JP super. I've included photos of my JP Super electric. If you look at the side frames they are exactly the same. Hope I'm right. Thanks Sean

Adrian Sat, 03/10/2020

Thank you all, still a fairly bizarre looking machine even without the funky camera angles of the ebay ad!

Henry Ellis Sun, 04/10/2020

It is an early 12" JP Super Electric,made in 1949. It looks as if it has been back to the factory at some time and had a clutch fitted to the rear roller; the switch on the motor is certainly from a later period. Early Super Electrics had a different switch assembly fitted using the 2 holes just above the new clutch housing.. Henry Ellis