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What is your favourite place for spare parts??

Hi all,

what is your fav place for spare parts?  Being relatively new to this site i was wondering where is the best place to go for replacement/refurbished parts. I was looking at the usual places, eBay etc and there is just so much imported stuff now it would b nice to get pointed in the direction of a reputable retailer/club member who i can trust.


Buick 29 

mbspain Wed, 10/06/2020

Hi Buick 29,

I am very new to the site and the group but I was recommended to try Jungle busters I got some head gaskets from them and they were perfect. I am looking for tiny split pins (cotter pins they may be called) for my two carbs so if you hear or see where to get them for that would be good

Im sure others will recommend as they read the post, there is a wealth of knowledge on this group that makes you want to learn more and more.