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Wooden Roller Spindle - What mower is it off?

Hi folks.

May i please ask if anyone knows what mower the Wooden Roller Spindle as in my photos is off?

Why the four indentations on the Spindle? (Apologies for my ignorance!!)

It is currently on my Webb 2 Speed that i am having a tinker with and when looking at an old Webb Parts List the spindle shown has none of the indentations, it is a solid bar.

As always, thanks for any help you can offer.








RansomesRob Thu, 16/04/2020

Thanks Hortimech, much appreciated. That certainly never crossed my mind. Wood 1 Metal 0 !!

Antbr123 Sat, 18/04/2020

Can I suggest an alternative view?

I would suggest that it may not be the wooden rollers that have caused the steel to wear but possibly washers placed either side of the wooden rollers which has caused the wear?  It must have been difficult to push....!  

Food for thought...........


RansomesRob Sat, 18/04/2020

Hi Tony

Appreciate your reply, thanks. Amazed that a metal rod can get so worn from just a wooden roller or a washer, or whatever, (Mind you the mower is about 70 years old ( Thanks for dating it for me Clive!! ) so it will have had a fair bit of use!!.

The mower had the plastic rollers as in the photo when i acquired it. Needless to say they have been binned and 3 wooden rollers I had spare, originally off a JP Maxees are now in place. Until a new roller spindle is obtained it certainly has the 'Wibbly,Wobbly' effect!! I am currently using my JP Mini Mower as i want to get the 2 Speed sorted so it's in the Shed for the time being.


Hi Henno

Appreciate the links for the rollers, thanks. When i get around to getting the 2 Speed sorted I will get some wooden rollers for it along with the new spindle it needs. The link below is for a chap from whom I have had wooden rollers in the past and have been more than pleased with them so i will more than likely use him again but i do appreciate you taking the time to send me the links so, thank you.

Cheers both.






wristpin Sat, 18/04/2020


Appreciate your reply, thanks. Amazed that a metal rod can get so worn from just a wooden roller or a washer,

Its not uncommon to see steel shafts apparently worn by wooden wooden rollers or plastic bushes. I say apparently because it’s not the wood or plastic that does the wearing but the microscopic particles of grit that become embedded in the soft material and then act as a file. 

RansomesRob Sun, 19/04/2020

Hi Angus. Thanks for your 'gritty' comment!! much appreciated. Hi Keith. Yes, should have mentioned Mike Floody is a OLMC member, sorry. Not only had wooden rollers off Mike but also the lovely Ransomes Ajax 5 (see photo)  that he had refurbished. Cheers. Rob