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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

ATCO at Powis Castle

During this Septembers "Heritage Open Days" we visited Powis Castle.

Beautifully maintained gardens and lawns.   Inside the Orangery is housed a 1920's ATCO Motor Mower.Atco in the former  Orangery at Powis Castle

wristpin Mon, 05/10/2015

Looks like there is a photo of it in use half hidden behind it; was there any history displayed with it, maybe it has spent all its life there? 

Mowing Wurzel Mon, 05/10/2015

Yes, The blown up photograph and very brief accompanying text stated that an "Atco like this one" was once used to cut the narrow strips of  grass on the terraces at Powis Castle.  The photo I took of that photo didn't come out.

Later that day we went down the road to Chirk Castle, there was also a  black and white photograph of a "square tank" 1920's Dennis Motor Mower, but no mower now. ( unless its in a shed! )

Clive1997 Wed, 07/10/2015

Hello Chaps

Quite an interesting post & I can enlighten you a bit on the subject, the Atco Standard in the photo is in fact an early 22" Oval frame model being used by Maurice Evans gardener at Powis, it was taken in 1934, however the mower on display is a later 'H' frame casting  model, so they are accurate with their wording stating 'an Atco like this one'. 

I do have copies of several Powis photo's including the one in question.




Mowing Wurzel Thu, 08/10/2015

Talking of Atco Motor Mowers of the 1920's.......

Here is a recent picture I took at the Old Lawnmower Club Stand at the Malvern Autumn Garden.

Among the interesting collection of member's mowers, We can see Keith Wootton's Pre-1928 "H" section Atco.

Which was featured in the Farm & Horticultural Equipment Collector Magazine, No,70 in September/October 2003.

A magazine sadly missed by everybody.