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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

How about here instead

With the AGM at Milton Keynes cancelled, I'm going to start this thread for the members that had got excited to exibit there machines, be it in the general display or for the 'Themes' that were mentioned in the latest grassbox.

I'll start with some photos of the edgers and trimmers I was looking forward to bringing along.


Webb Trimmer without the top cowl as awaiting transfers.

Lloyds edger (same as Ransomes)

Ottcraft edger from the US.


olcadmin Wed, 08/04/2020


That's an excellent idea. In fact, I have been working on something similar for the main website and will be announcing this when it's ready to go.



RansomesRob Wed, 08/04/2020

Hi Lee. As Keith said, Great idea!! Like the look of your Trimmers and Edgers, the Webb Trimmer is well smart. Cheers. Rob

wristpin Wed, 08/04/2020

Hardly a classic but in the 1950s / 60s they sold in their thousands and were thrown away in nearly equal numbers - the Qualcast Concorde !!

I thought that I ought to preseve one before they all disappeard.

Lee Smallwood Wed, 08/04/2020

Lovin the blue mowers at the moment.

and the walls, my garage is store room, workshop and spray booth.

Lee Smallwood Thu, 09/04/2020

First cut of my new turf, I used my mk 1 Ajax, Toby helped with his little.Miniature.