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1968 atco 14 id and paint

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Hi i am new to this. I  appologise in advance some of my questions will be basic.

Q1.  Is an atco 14 made in 1968 an atco delux or just an atco 14?

Q2 i have found jenolite atco green machine paint, it seems to be a good match on the internet pictures. Not as harsh as later models,  It is more of a southerm railway mid chrome green (yes i am a rivet counting railway enthusiast in revovery ). Am I on the right track (no pun intended) or making  a mistake? 

Q3. The exhaust muffler is shaped  like sardine tin, but the outlet is a plain round pipe. Should i flatten this slightly to match those i have seen on the internet of that age.

Q4. Is there a simple guide for adjusting the  carb screws when i reassemble it. How do i tune the carb in short.

Your help would be greatly appreciated 



olcadmin Fri, 10/11/2023


If you are able, please add a photo of your mower. I am sure other members would find it helpful.


David Heeley Fri, 10/11/2023

Done it i think 

Handle photo shows colur under handle grips

Makers plate id as 1968 i believe

Many thanks Keith 

Regatds Dave

olcadmin Sat, 11/11/2023


Something didn't work. Please have another go and/or send me the images and I can add them from here.