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Atco Balmoral height adjuster

I have just purchased a 2006 Atco Balmoral and am having issues with the height adjuster and the side cover.  The side panel is catching the horizontal metal piece attached to the front roller meaning that when i screw in the panel the adjuster will not go above 12mm. Does anyone have any ideas as to what has happened and a solution. I have included some pictures.


Double stripes Mon, 17/08/2020

I have unsuccessfully tried to unscrew the bolt and reset. The bolt is at the end of its thread at 2 and a half on the height dial giving me a max height of cut of about 20mm. This should be 35mm on setting number 4, but it won't go any higher. I can't find any pictures of what the inside should look like with the side panel taken off so I am at a loss. Anybody know what the issue may be?

Henno Mon, 17/08/2020

I have a Balmoral 14s in the shed. I can make some pictures for you tomorrow afternoon en post them. Would that help? 

Double stripes Mon, 17/08/2020

Yes that would be great and allow me to compare and see if anything stands out on mine.