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Atco Standard 14" cross shaft bearings

Does anyone know where I can get replacement bearings for my Atco standard clutch shaft? They have a curved outer shell. Modern bearings don't....


wristpin Mon, 14/03/2022

Most decent bearing factors can supply what you need with a spherical outer race. Simply Bearings and Bearing Boys for example.

olcadmin Tue, 15/03/2022

What you need is called a spherical ball bearing, I believe. The "spherical" refers to the outer shell. Simply Bearings, as wristpin suggests, has any number. These might not look exactly like the old ones but if the principal measurements (ie internal and external diameters and width etc) are the same they will work. 

marktheherald Tue, 15/03/2022

I think I will go for a pair of imperial metal shielded pre - greased items. Should be able to retain the outer dust cover cap at the clutch end. (Just for looks..)    


DJD Mon, 21/03/2022

These sound like self aligning bearings, often found on other machinery like combine harvesters etc. the outer shell is spherical though.