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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransome mark 3

How do I get this cog off after nutvremoved please and how to get arm off webb whippet pleaseWhippet arm removal



wristpin Mon, 14/02/2022

No sign of the sprocket and nut image. Unfortunately I can’t lay hands on a parts list which is always useful for a clue but I’m guessing that as there’s a nut the sprocket may be a push fit on the shaft with a key, if so it will draw off.  On the side in the image it’s probably the best plan to to tap the carrier inward toward the blades to expose the bearing to give access with a puller. The same goes for the other end when you’ve removed the sprocket. Attempting to pull the carrier arm and sprocket together would quite possibly result in distortion of the carrier as the bearing could be tight on the shaft.

olcadmin Tue, 15/02/2022

It looks like the "missing" image didn't load correctly on the page because it was bigger than the permitted maximum size (10MB). I have now sorted it out for this particular image.

However, all users please note the maximum image size permitted when using the click-and-insert method is still 10 MB.

While doing this I have also rearranged the layout of the editing screen to be more like the previous site, with the file upload and insert section below the text panel. I think that makes more sense when preparing a page.

moorcroftman Tue, 15/02/2022

Thankyou both !!


Not sure I have the knowledge to follow the detailed advice but I will persevere



wristpin Tue, 15/02/2022

All is revealed!   My advice related to the image of the Webb. The new image is for anAjax? In that case, when the nut is removed , I believe that the gear wheel “just” pulls off .  From memory it has slots on the back that engage a pin through the shaft .  It may be tight and a pair of levers will help to wiggle it off.