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Ransomes Ajax Mk 3 Wooden Handles

Hi, I'm new to the club and about to start my first restoration of a Ransomes Ajax Mk 3. The wooden handles are in need of a bit of TLC but will certainly be useable. I notice, however, that both handles spin on their fixings. Should they do this or should they be rigidly fixed?

Thanks in anticipation 


MikeD Mon, 31/01/2022

hi the handles have to be fixed to stop them from turning.THEY SHOULD BE FITTED WITH COACH BOLTS which have a square at the top and screw into the iron handle or  on later machines have a nut on the end of the bolt.if you do need new handles or rollers contact club member MICHAEL FLOODY who makes excellant rollers /handles in beech oak or even the leg off your table just dont lean on it.i rest my bottom blade.