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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Ransomes Twenty Four

Hi with respect to the above machine. I have just assembled the rear drive rollers and returned them to the frame.  Please take note of the gap between the rollers in the attached photos..

Closed as far as possible leaves an 1/8" gap, (1st photo) opened fully looks more like 1/4" (2nd photo). Everything looked good when assembled, The locking collar on the NDE was positioned hard up and locked in place with a grub screw.

I was concerned about the meshing of the teeth on the internal diff,  Is the gap excessive?

Thanks for reading this.






wristpin Mon, 29/11/2021

locking collar on the NDE 

WTF is the NDE?

I suppose one should ask what it was like before you dismantled it ?

I would say that the top image is about right and the bottom one too wide. 

Looking at the illustrated parts list,  at the drive end there are a couple of circlips positioning the bearing - one displaced by any chance?

Gnasha Tue, 30/11/2021

Wristpin, thank you for your response.

I took no notice of the gap prior to strip down. I agree the gap is excessive, hence my concern, looks like its coming out again.

When I stripped it down one of the circlips was missing, I cant remember which end, I purchased a replacement and fitted it. However, when i came to fit it to the frame it was over size (too long) by about 1/2". I removed the circlip which made it possible to move one of the housings inwards making the it possible to fit between the frame.

I assumed it had been running like this for years and thought nothing of it till now.

Further suggestions would be appreciated.

NDE = Non Drive End

wristpin Tue, 30/11/2021

As far as I can see, there are only circlips at the sprocket end , one each side of the bearing. Just tried to post the page from the parts manual but the forum wouldn’t cooperate! Will try again later.

Gnasha Tue, 30/11/2021

Thank you for your response.

You're correct,  Items 15 both have circlip grooves either side of the bearing, however item 15 (as you correctly pointed out) does not show circlips. One of these item had two circlips and the other only one fitted.

So do I leave the circlips out from the NDE and allow the bearing to "float" into position, allowing it to be fitted between the plates of the frame?

What have I missed regarding the gap between the rollers?  Could Item 21 be in the incorrect position?




Gnasha Wed, 01/12/2021

I have taken the plunge. Removed it and Stripped it down....again. I relocated the collar (item 20) dimpled the shaft for the grub screw.

Both circlips fitted to the drive end, the NDE was assembled with no circlips fitted.

I fitted the roller in to the frame and realised it was the wrong way round,.....I refitted it and secured with the 6 bolts, only to find I'd forgotten to fit the retaining bolt and washer to the NDE, Grrrrrrrrr.

It looks a lot better now so I can continue with the build with a clear mind.


Thank you for your help