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Suffolk Super Colt - butterfly issue?

I just pulled out my ancient Super Colt for the first time this year, changed its oil and fired it up.  It was running great until I'd done half the lawn, when it mysteriously cut out.  After a bit of investigating, I noticed the the metal regulator (butterfly?) had fallen loose.  Pushing it back on cured the problem, until it fell off again a minute later (and every subsequent minute after that).

I can't remember what this used to look like, and I can't find any spare parts lying on the lawn.  Has something fallen off that used to hold it in place?

Can someone offer any advice on how to fix it?  Is it just an Araldite job?

Many thanks!

Suffolk Super Colt - butterfly fallen out

Suffolk Super Colt - butterfly in correct position


wristpin Mon, 18/04/2022

The bell crank was crimped originally but has worked loose . The butterfly spindle is brass and a bit tricky to re-crimp so soldering or epoxy - Araldite / JB Weld is the answer. Careful cleaning to get a good bond , and if doing in-situ avoid bonding it to the carb body !!

DFulton Mon, 18/04/2022

Thanks for the advice.  I think I'm going to try the JB weld option.

Apologies for the duplicate posting, BTW - I think all posts are being moderated, but when I couldn't find a way to move my post from "draft" to "publish", I figured it was a problem at my end and tried again on a second computer...