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Villiers f12 torque settings

Evening all,

new member to the club and the forums here, although admittedly I've been lurking for some time..

i recently purchased a ransomes marquis mk4a, with the sloper engine fitted.

there's some work to do before I think it will run, first job is fitting a new head gasket and seeing if I've got any compression (exhaust valve was stuck open when I got it - that was actually first job)

my question is does anyone know the torque values for the head bolts? I have looked in the manual etc but can't see anything.


many thanks,




wristpin Wed, 05/04/2017

To make the most of the F12 Sloper's torque and slow idling characteristics the valves need to be good so, if you've not already done it, re- seat the valves and set their clearances -  six thou on both.

The figures that you need are- 

Cylinder head 12 lb feet

Big end 8lb ft

Flywheel 30 lb ft

Crankcase end cover 9 lb ft

This Dropbox scan of the manual may be useful and, in particular , includes the correct tightening order for the head bolts.…

On pre electronic ignition Slopers I always replace the points and condenser with a Meco electronic trigger module as this eliminates the possible future  need to strip the cowlings and flywheel to deal with points that have gone out of adjustment or become corroded during winter layoffs.


Will Wed, 05/04/2017

Fantastic - thanks for your help wristpin!

Will update on progress ASAP





Gnasha Sun, 10/10/2021

Would these same specs stand for a F15?

I have found two different specs for tappet clearances Exh 0.020" Inlet 0.016"  and Exh and Inlet both 0.006" which if any would be correct?

thank you

wristpin Sun, 10/10/2021

Those figures look to be way out. 

F15, inlet 8thou” and exhaust 12thou”.

F12 Sloper , 6thou on both

Gnasha Sun, 10/10/2021

Thank you.


Could I use the same torque specs referred to in the post for my F15?