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Villiers lightweight engine - wrong carb?

The Villiers lightweight engine fitted to my Atco 1460/1 is fitted with a V508C carb which I believe is more normally fitted to 2-stroke engines such as seagull outboard motors.

I believe the correct carb should be a S10/2. I have now purchased one of these from fleabay but I now find that the inlet manifold fitted to my engine is a different outside diameter to the carb. The manifold has an OD of about .75" whereas the carb is nearer .85".

Thinking about this, the carb seems to be just bare aluminium so as I missing something like this:…

or do I need a different manifold?




dicko99 Sun, 24/04/2022

My carb swap pain continues...

I thought I would be able to use the existing throttle cable from the V508c carb but the inner cable seems to be too thick to fit into the slot in the piston of the S10/2! The replacement carb did come with a fragment of the old cable and the old inner does seem to be a lot thinner than the existing one on the mower.

Can anyone suggest where I might get some of this thin throttle cable?