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Villiers starter pawls

Hi all....again.  Villiers F15

I have been having intermittent starting issues Suffolk 43DL sometimes tight sometimes ok..  I took the recoil system away from the engine and the pawls were left behind in the cowl.  I have assembled them as per the picture to what i think is right and refitted. Only to find after a few turns of the engine the pawls jam of fall off.

There are no parts left over, I'm not sure if theres a part/parts missing that wasn't fitted by PO. Please see attached photo





Gnasha Sat, 27/11/2021

Ha, I have found similar recoil units. There appears to be two plastic pieces missing, (worn or broken off) that keep the pawls in place. Sorry for wasting anybodies time.

Can you purchase the transparent plastic piece separately?

Thanks again



wristpin Sat, 27/11/2021

Yes, you can see where the pieces have been snapped off, but the pulley can be bought as a separate part .