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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Clothing and Souvenirs

The club produces a selection of souvenirs. Please contact Colin Stone at to confirm prices and availability. You can pay for all club souvenirs using PayPal, Nochex or cheque. Ask for more details in your email.

Postage and packing for transfers and small items is free to members of the club. There may be an additional postage charge for bulky items such as clothing. Please quote your membership number if possible when ordering. Postage and packing for all non-members is £10.



Price Design
Baseball Cap £8.50
Fleece £25
Overalls From £33 - see notes
Pilot Shirt £14
Polo Shirt £16.50 ( please note a few sizes available at earlier price )
Ransomes Souvenir Cap £7.99. Postage £1.32 to UK
Sew On Badge £5
Sweatshirt £18 ( size SMALL available at £15 )
Tee Shirt £13.00





Price Design
Directory of Lawn Mower Manufacturers & Models £6
Exhibit Log Sheets £0.10
Grassbox Binder £6
Hand, Horse, and Motor £34
Haynes Lawnmower Manual Special price to Club Members £17 incl. postage
Lawnmowers - An Illustrated History £12.00 inc. postage
Lawnmowers and Grasscutters - A Complete Guide Special price to Club Members £8 incl postage





Price Design
Atco Souvenir Mug £2.50
OLC Key Fob £4.50
Ransomes Souvenir Mug £4.99 Postage £3 to UK.
Seven Black & White Photographs £10



Please click here for a full list of transfers stocked and supplied by the Club.