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New Member - ATCO twentyfour - ID & Advice please



Ive recently joined having picked up an Atco 24 + Tecumseh engine destined for the skip. All seems well, compression and will fire with fuel in the spark plug so hopefully just needs a clean out. Its something im looking to keep for myself, located near Scunthorpe. 


Can anbody help me find serial numbers / year / models / manuals for the mower and engine ?


I know i definitely need an air filter for starters as at present an old rag is stuffed in there.


Any links to previous discussions etc would be appreciated


Thanks in advance






wristpin Sun, 15/03/2020

Tecumseh ID usually stamped into the top of the cowling/blower housing . May need a bit of interpreting, a decent image of the digits will assist. The engine will be either an H50 or 60.

Air filter  elements  available from Garden Hire Spares or Central Spares with either sponge or paper element.

Tec carbs on the H50/60 are a bit suseptible to blockages. A thorough clean with solvent or in an ultrasonic tank should help. There's a tiny drilling in the lower end of the retaining nut. This supplies the idling fuel and is often overlooked.………

Arrandtreecare Thu, 19/03/2020

Thankyou got this info i will investigate the id stamp. The fuel tank was rusted up to high heavens and so i imagine this is behind the blockage. I will investigate the next time we get a sunny weekend afternoon

Arrandtreecare Wed, 25/03/2020

Ive found this number stamped on the mower today having reassembled the roller on the seat as this was originally rusted through.


Does this tell me anything?