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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Where is everybody

All set up, managed to retrieve a few rusty relics from isolation, enjoyed Pizza last night ,micro barrel of beer supplied by local brewery,

Mylie investigating wondering what on earths going on

Who's joining me tonight to partake in fish and chips.

Missed Diane's breakfast this morning.

Off to sell some mower's

Catch up later


Clive1997 Sat, 16/05/2020

Nice display. After checking the regulations it appears I am allowed to travel any distance to an open space & to meet up with one other so feasable, BUT my truck is waiting for a part hopefully early next week so that's scuppered the supper plan tonight!  Need that trip to Cambs & Beds to collect mowers but now planned for later in the week.

Are you awarding yourself the AG  plate???? or just a plate of fish & chips!



stonethemows Sat, 16/05/2020



Apologies for late arrival, I would have been here sooner were it not for flat camera battery, then no ethernet connection ( whatever that is ) in the office. Isn't modern technology wonderful. All these ' old lawnmowers ' cut grass, without being connected, plugged in, charged, subscribed to, hacked, or infected by virus !

Clive1997 Sat, 16/05/2020

Excellent show 

You just need to employ 5 more gardeners, but could you accommodate them on your grass plat 6ft 6in apart?

Andrew Grout Sat, 16/05/2020

Is that an Auto Certes you're working on? Life not as relaxed here as the image might suggest, have had a Mk5 Ajax in bits, rear rollers seized on shaft, grub screws in ratchet have been lose and chewed the shaft, and rear sprocket been loose on its pin and worn the locating groove, all sorted and on its way back together now

arnk Sat, 16/05/2020

Having seen you all dismantling mowers today, I thought that I should have a go at that too.  This is the remains of my Patent Gear Automaton.  To see in its not so pristine state beforehand, please see the Virtual Rally.

Now apart from needing a new bottom blade, and probably the carrier too, I have found the cause of the seizure.  The shaft bearing marked by the half ginger nut was seized causing the bracket to break marked by the other half of the engineers biscuit! 

I haven't worked how to remove the gear wheels from their shafts, it looks as if they are held in with drifts. 

I need to dismantle the rollers too and could do with some tips please.  The securing bolts in the collars undo, but not much else moves.

Ginger nuts are good, but not a match on Milton Keynes Museum cafe teas.



oldiron Sun, 17/05/2020

I have been restoring this, Recognise this Andrew?, came from you a few years back, we dragged it out of the the corner of your yard some time ago

Andrew Grout Mon, 18/05/2020

Ricky it looks fabulous,  always know machines are coming to a very deserving home when they come your way 

Speak soon 


wristpin Mon, 18/05/2020

1950s / 60s line up . Not concours standard  but all mechanically fully functional and all used now and again.

wristpin Mon, 18/05/2020

Top shelf of the pallet racking with the Ransomes 16, Sprite and a baby Atco , plus numerous grass boxes.