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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Annual Auction

This morning we'd have enjoyed a wonderful breakfast in the tea rooms and be working off the excesses of last night setting up the auction

I'd have entered this lovely little Webb Whippet complete with good box and original spanner, and along with many others hoping to find a Ransome's improved for my collection

What would you enter and like to find in the auction

Let bidding commence.'

Keith Wootton Sun, 17/05/2020


I'd planned to enter Shanks Britishers, Ransomes Anglias, possibly an Atco HY, and a  few odds-and-end spares etc.

To buy, I always look out for an interesting sidehweel because these are often "rally ready" or can be restored quite quickly - I often restore one while I'm working on a larger project because you can always see the end in sight.

Plus of course the obvious 1920s motor mowers and Victorian hand mowers.

All the best.


Lee Smallwood Sun, 17/05/2020

I wouldn't  have anything to sell at the auction, but I would be there bidding hopefully on a 16 inch certes, a ladybird or a 6 inch mower of any description. It would be so nice to see a list of what would have been auctioned, something weird and wonderful maybe. Until next year though, i'll be scanning the classifieds, and auction sites hoping to find that something special. All the best to you all, hope to see some of you soon. 

RansomesRob Sun, 17/05/2020

Hi Andrew.

For the auction, I was bringing to be assembled, painted etc, pictured in parts, an  ATCO 1264 complete with Grassbox and hoped to come home with a 1940s JP Matchless.

With regards to the JP Matchless, I think the odds of coming home with one of those would be the same as coming home with a Unicorn !!




oldiron Sun, 17/05/2020

Good morning Andrew and all

Im not sure if im selling this year as im getting to the point of most being keepers ( indeed regret selling some of my past machines)

I have worked pretty hard this year, no lock down or furlough for me so have brought some money! Those that know me know im partial to a 1920s motor mower, but something strange has happened to me, im becoming attracted to the dark side of hand mowers now also,i have brought with me on this scrap of paper what i wish to come home with both motor or hand:

So here goes, please lord of rust may i be blessed with;

A Shanks Jehu, 2 or 4 stroke

A 24" Atco Standard with the JAP 4 stroke engine

A 2 stroke Automower maybe?

Anything interesting motor wise, now hand mowers;

A Ransomes Patent Gear Automaton

A Ransomes New Automaton

A Ransomes Automaton minor, chain driven

A Ransomes Automaton ( although i would probably have to arrange a finance deal for that)

A Ransomes Chain Automaton like the one Seb is exhibiting

An S handle Silens Messor

A Multum im Parvo

A Drummond Willing Worker with box

Anything from that list would be a result, i may think of more



Clive1997 Sun, 17/05/2020

Hi Ricky


I have a few of those put by for you, possibly 4 or 5 from the list, but need to review when I get a chance, will be in touch.



oldiron Sun, 17/05/2020

Hi Clive

Yes i remember our conversations, and appreciate your continued support in feeding my habit.

hdtrust Sun, 24/05/2020

Hi Andrew

Yes the scene of a good auction,one you can get your lips around,money in pocket and off you go! And I've done a few, and seen some sights!

The OLC auctions are good but can you remember that memorable one,all those years ago in Yate,North of Bristol.We were all young then,no grey hair showing,

First purchase,the Atco Standard prototype for £17 which came from the Pugh family,followed by a full line of rare American hand mowers all for £3 a piece.Then that Shanks you got for that £****! price and no other collector in sight.

One thing you can say about any auction,it brings the characters out,just like all the characters in the Beano Comic including Biffo the Bear

Best Andrew