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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

12" Patent Gear Automaton

Hello all

Following from this

Virtual Rally

I took it to bits yesterday

Rally Forum

and having eaten a few more ginger biscuits today I set too with the blow torch, impact driver, puller and more tea.  I gave up trying to get the actual gears off their shafts, but I don't think I need to now.  It is now all in a bath of water with the last 3 packets of Billingtons Molasses to be found in Tesco.

All the small nuts, bolts, screws, washers etc fit in the milk bottle.  The rest go in the planter with the rollers taking their turn on the next round.  The plastic bags are to try and keep any wildlife out.  I will take a look at progress next month.

So in the meantime is it possible to get a 4 hole 12" bottom blade for an Automaton?  Can I ring Garfitts and ask for a 4 hole blade for say an Ajax?

The original colour appears to be a sort of light sage / apple green with gold letters and red for the cylinder and inside the rollers.  Is that lighter than the standard Ransome's Green?   There is probably too much rust to leave it oiled so I may have to paint it to preserve it.

I will have to fabricate a deflector plate if anybody has any photos please?






olcadmin Sun, 17/05/2020


A day well spent by the look of it.

Have a word with Richard Jones (details in each Grassbox) about bottom blades. He will be able to advise on best approach, especially with Garfitts. You won't be the first to have asked about blades for one of these models.

Also, if I remember correctly (others will jump in if I am not, no doubt), the gears might need to come off the shafts in order to fit the missing gear covers at some point. Given how far you got today, a bit of persistence with the gears will be worth it in the long run.

arnk Sun, 17/05/2020

Thanks Keith. 

I don't think it will end up looking as good as your Automaton though.  I have enjoyed the rally, some great exhibits.


arnk Sat, 23/04/2022

After 2 years in the molasses I had some time to get it back out and clean it up.  The rust seems to have gone back to steel and its not too bad.

Today I was able to get the gear wheels off the shafts, but unfortunately one of the smaller ones (29 tooth) broke.  Could it be welded up?  I even managed to get the bottom blade off and retap the threads.

So I think if I can find a new gear wheel and a bottom blade then this mower could mow again.

I could see any dates on the blades, only "R S & J".