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Newbie with 1965 Dennis Paragon

Hi, have just bought a what I believe is a circa 1965 Dennis Paragon. It just about runs and am in the process of stripping and restoring it. Would love to hear from anyone else who has one. Until I bought this, I didn't realise that Dennis made lawnmowers and am really pleased to have bought it as I used to look after a 1929 Dennis Charabanc when at Southampton University in the early 1980s. 

Mowing Wurzel Wed, 20/05/2020

Dennis Brothers stopped producing their   24" cut  Premier model in 1965,   

The  "lighter" Paragon 20" & 24" Model were to replace it, but were  still being designed in 1965. (No mention of the paragon in the December 1965  price List)

I see it was exhibited at the Smithfield Show  in Late 1965.

I have seen Literature from the 1967/8 period, so they were being produced then.

The First  generation Paragon 20" Models had the  Villiers C20 with 3:1 Reduction gear.    &   24" Models had Villiers C25 with 3:1 reduction gear.- These had "kick start" pedal starting, which was horrible.

After the design of the "first generation of Paragon's in the mid. 1960's, Dennis Brothers of Guildford started moving assembly work to their sister company Stanhay at Ashford in Kent,   The company in the late 1960's known as "Dennis Mowers Division Stanhay (Ashford) Ltd.

Press reports at the time said that in 1972 "mower production had ceased at Guildford," when it had already moved to Ashford several years before!

By August 1975, Mower production had been moved back to Surrey under the company "Godstone"  or Dennis Lawnmowers Godstone (PE) Ltd.  - A company  with the Chairman the grandson of one of the founding Dennis Brothers of Guildford.

The Villiers C30  this was fitted in the mid. 1970's Paragon's, just an updated Villiers  C25 with different carburettor and now rope start.

Later by 1977, Dennis Godstone were making the Paragon virtually unchanged, but with a Kohler engine.


The trouble with history is that people repeatedly state it wrong, a lot written by various bodies online is wrong.

What is the Serial Number?  Should start PN

Nsmiddy Thu, 21/05/2020

That's great history. Have checked an the number is pn 311-24. It has a villiers mk25 kickstart engine


wristpin Thu, 04/06/2020

The trouble with history is that people repeatedly state it wrong, a lot written by various bodies online is wrong.

Too true; it then becomes fact!

Mowing Wurzel Thu, 04/06/2020

Yes, I just updated this today, as when looking at some paperwork on the 1965 Smithfield show, during unrelated research  I noticed it had the Dennis Bros.  stand inventory  and the Paragon was mentioned!