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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lloyd’s Pegasus information

Hi all, I'm a bit of a newbie. I recently acquired a Lloyd's Pegasus mower, i think I've figured out the engine to be a villiers f15, the machine number is 2371, it has a similar handle bars to the paladin, does a any one know much about  this machine and it's possible value?


thanks, Barry 

Clive1997 Mon, 22/06/2020

Hello Barry

Welcome to the forum, I did have an earlier Pegasus that had a professional conversion to a Honda engine, only manual I have is the 'Directions for the use & care for the earlier Pegasus with the JAP engine. 18in for Putting & Bowling greens.  There are s a few members with the early Pegasus which is probably the more sought after machine.

Assume you have seen the mower profile here

As to value, as always difficult, set up & running would perhaps be in demand for actual use rather than display, but I suppose £30-£50 would be reasonable.

Hope that helps 

Barryf Mon, 22/06/2020

Hi thanks for the info, I've seen them pictures or brochures of the older Pegasus. Being there's no pictures or info about my Lloyd's I was hoping it was a bit of a rare machine, I do know most mowers are not worth much at all. 
Mine does run and woks very well 


thanks, Barry 

wristpin Thu, 25/06/2020

A quality machine in nice original condition. Value and use it for what it is.

Barryf Thu, 25/06/2020

Hi thanks for the comments. It does seem a very nice machine and it runs beautifully. I'd like to know how old it is, I'm thinking it's a 1960s machine?