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Ransoms 16"

H all, just obtained a Ransomes 16" with a sloper engine, the plate says it is a Mercury Mk!.

I am unable to find any info on a Mk1 with a BSA/Villiers F12, any Ideas or info.

Many thanks


wristpin Wed, 12/08/2020

I’ve seen a Mercury with an iron block Villiers, possibly a Mk7, and my Dad bought one with a Clinton but never seen one with a Sloper F12. Would that have been original or an adaptation?

Trusty old git Wed, 12/08/2020

just collected a Mercury mk1 today, one owner from new, and it has the villiers mk7/1 engine, so I would guess your sloper was a replacement.

Johnnyg Wed, 12/08/2020

Thank you gentlemen, I suppose it has to have had an engine change, I will post some pics to see If that sheds any light

Thanks again

Johnnyg Thu, 13/08/2020

This is the Mercury with a sloper , can anyone confirm the chassis is a Mercury MK1


olcadmin Thu, 13/08/2020

He'd forgotten/missed the highly important step of clicking the insert button.

hortimech Fri, 14/08/2020

interesting, it looks too good to be an engine replacement, it even has the Marquis clutch. From my slight memories of the Mercury, the standard clutch shaft (with the Villiers MK7 engine) was a lot longer and the clutch was smaller. I wouldn't think you would change these if the engine was changed, the cost would have been too prohibitive and where would you get the shaft from ?

wristpin Fri, 14/08/2020

Certainly looks like a factory job. Now we need some Ransomes literature, sales or service, to confirm its existence !  

Interestingly I have an 1983 Mk3 Auto Certes with all its original paperwork . The operator’s manual shows a Briggs and Stratton engine but has two extra pages stuck in to cover the Mk3 V; presumably V for Villiers , but the chassis plate has no V.