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Help in identifying this Atco please

Dear All,

I am new to the club and forgive me if this has been discussed before.

Please see the photos of this Atco with a Honda GX110 3.5HP engine  i recently purchased . Could anyone help with the following?

1- Identify the model?

2- I cannot find a serial number anywhere - any idea where it could be or might it have been on a badge which has come off/lost in the past?

3 - The clutch cover appears to be missing, i guess there would have been one originally? Any idea where i could get a replacement?

4 - I cannot get the grassbox to fit any of the mountings ( please see the photos of the box) - is this the correct grass box for the model or am i missing something obvious ? TBH i cannot work out which lugs are for what but despite a number of attempts i cant get it to fix anywhere so also wonder if there is a bracket or part missing.

5 - Where could i get a user manual for this model and guidance on servicing it myself ?

Apologies for all the questions , any advice most welcome.


wristpin Thu, 10/09/2020

Looks like it started life as a 20” Club .

The alloy rear roller and extended roller axle shaft suggest the Club spec. You need to count the blades.

The Honda engine is not original.

Plenty of the Heavy Duty domestic version available cheaply or being scrapped will supply the clutch cover and most other parts.



jaydesai Thu, 10/09/2020

Thank you. Is there anything missing from what you can see? Did this model only have one cable lever control?

The chain has slipped off 2 cogs at present.