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Just a little guidance please - Atco Deluxe 17"

A none member popped a question on a social media group and did not get a response, so I am asking on his behalf.

He is looking to back lap his Atco Deluxe 17" and he said he requires a left hand thread 1/2" Nut in order to drive the cylinder in reverse but cannot find one to purchase.

Can anyone offer help where he can go for this part or offer a different solution? which I can pass on to him,

Many thanks in advance.




hortimech Sun, 04/10/2020

Take the chains off, make a three pronged adaptor to fit the sprocket and use this to turn the cutting cylinder, the sprocket needs to be fitted to backlap. Talking of which, is the cylinder already 'sharp' or does he think he can sharpen the cutters by backlapping them ? If the latter, then he is wasting his time. Another question, is he using water based lapping paste ? Never use an oil based lapping paste, it is virtually impossible to remove and the first time you turn the cylinder forward, it ruins what you have just achieved.


John.Sutherland Sun, 04/10/2020

I really appreciate your feedback and messaged the information over, Can I ask for a rough diagram as to how the prongs should look like  just in case I am asked for clarity.

Many thanks,


hortimech Sun, 04/10/2020

If a drew a diagram it would be rough, extremely rough.

What you require is a piece of rod or tube with the OD of the base of the small sprocket teeth, weld three pieces of rod (that fits into a tooth) to the larger rod equally spaced around the rod. Fasten something to the other end of the the large rod to turn it (an old socket ?)

Hopefully you get the idea.


John.Sutherland Mon, 05/10/2020

Many thanks, The information you have provided made sense to him, Its a BIG thumbs up