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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Allet I think, 48" cylinder @ Stowe.

One of my brothers was the Stowe headmaster's gardener for a time, visiting him there one day in the 1980's I think, I happened to see a very wide cylinder mower parked up. I'd run Reliant three wheeled vehicles after passing my bike test and was amazed to see the very same engine, gearbox and radiator sitting there inside it. Even the oil bath air filter looked the same as the first 600cc Reliant I'd owned, the last one I sold after passing my car test in the late 1980's was the uprated 850cc version.

I do remember jokingly saying to my brother that I'd like to do an engine swap with the mower, as it had obviously done far less miles, he didn't laugh at all, I'm not sure why...!

wristpin Thu, 14/01/2021

I remember that when Reg Allett started to market the Reliant engined machine there was a small item about it in the Sunday Times,  and two points from that article have remained remain with me. Firstly that one could conduct a normal conversation while standing beside the running machine, and secondly that Allett offered a same day overhaul service  - presumably using swap units.  No mention of its grass cutting capabilities. 

DJD Thu, 14/01/2021

Thanks to Clive1962 for that link, I enjoyed looking at the videos etc. Never knew it was a Scottish concern.

wristpin Thu, 14/01/2021

Never knew it was a Scottish concern.

It is now as part of Turfmech but Allett started lift in Lincolnshire. I expect that you spotted the rebranded Atcos . When Bosch sold off Atco, Qualcast and Webb etc., the rights to build the Atco cylinder mowers went to Turfmech but not the Atco name that went to GGP to use on Stiga ride-ons etc.

Clive1962 Fri, 15/01/2021

Yes, started out in my home county :)  Had a spell with Reekie? up in Scotland but now is at Hixon Staffs.

  I didn't get to work on the Reliant engined types but I know a few were about this way.  I am more used to a recent type,  the Buffalo34 firstly with Kubota, and now with Honda.. 

I have had a go with a C34E on a demo and keeping an eye on the Liberty I was quite a supporter of battery mowing of old. Tempted to treat myself to a Liberty...and watching keenly for any developments of the range :)