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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

No compressor? Use a Hoover..

I occasionally used an Oxford area based mower sales/spares/repairer for quickly needed spares for the various odd machines they then were agents for, which I forget now.

I rang first before setting out to hopefully pick up some parts I needed but I'd forgotten to note the exact model in question, the parts manager took me through to the workshop where some stripped out and also completed similar machines were stored, I had to stifle a laugh when I noticed the three mechanics all being equipped with an old vacuum cleaner each, but not a compressor in sight! Parts chap said the vacuums worked well and were safer!

I pressed him a little whereupon he admitted that the 'elf and safey' had been around, or more correctly had made a 'lightening raid' and found the compressor leaking and half full of water etc., so it was use the vacuums, or be shut down.

About ten years ago I had an eighteen year old girl threaten to 'shut me down' if I didn't remove a floor mounted grinder/wire brush machine because I'd removed a guard, I employed no one and couldn't see the point, but she was adamant. I put it away for two day, she came back the second and congratulated me on my common sense, I got it out again the next day....

hdtrust Sat, 20/02/2021

Dear DJD

Although that 18 year old girl,ten years ago was trying to help you with elf and safety,but she would have been out of line,if you had no employees,the same would be today in certain circumstances.Sure she was not a Millennial!(also known as the criminally stupid)

I must admit that being self employed today with no employees,there are lots of areas which don't apply,but working for large organisations,it more than pays to have the correct certificates,plus the correct procedures in place,particularly in these Covid times.Just remember risk assessment works equally Employer/Main contractor to Employee/Sub Contractor and the most important bit vice versa! All Employees whether they like it or not are equally to blame!

DJD Sat, 20/02/2021

Thank you both for your interest and comments, I think one manufacturer's machines they represented were ALKO, if I dare mention such a new and modern name.

On the other hand, I imagine an insurance claim would have been hard to instigate and push through, especially if they had found some way to find a record of the government sponsored 'detectives', findings, swings and roundabouts comes to mind here.

It behoves us all to seriously think about safety in any garage, workshop or workplace though, a few seconds thinking before acting can save lives.

AlanY Sun, 21/02/2021

On the question of compressors, and legislation there is a legal requirement for most companies to have a document called a "Written Scheme of Examination" for most components on a compressor or compressed air system. It specifies how often, and what is to be carried out to the component. It is prepared by a"competent " person and be available for inspection by an elf and safety inspector should they ask to see it. If it not available, normally a time period is issued to the user to get one. If this ignored they could be shutdown (unlikely but possible). It's been around a long while now but is still relatively unknown by small users of air compressors.

Adrian Sun, 21/02/2021

When you slag off younger people, just remember that "The Greatest Generation" (ie those who fought in WW2) where the ones their parent's generation derided as wastrels who'd never be able to do what they had to.

wristpin Sun, 21/02/2021

On the question of compressors, and legislation there is a legal requirement for most companies to have a document called a "Written Scheme of Examination" for most components on a compressor or compressed air system

Shock horror! Interesting reading and despite having run a Garden Machinery sales and repair business from 1981 to 2012 I was unaware of it. BUT. We did have an annual inspection by an independent engineer that covered the compressors, the hydraulic work benches , other lifting apparatus and the fork lift truck. Fairly sure that he checked the tea machine as well. Another man did an annual check and service of the fire extinguishers etc.

One day, out of the blue, we had a visit by a male and female from Trading Standards. Customs and Excise had told them that we regularly imported goods from the US , and were we aware of our responsibilities as a retailer of such goods. The goods in question were Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmissions for which we were the UK after market  sales and service agent. They were soon quite happy that they were not typical retail items and were sold within the trade by other businesses. Just as they were about to leave the smartly dressed young lady who had remained silent until that moment, enquired whether I was aware of the Kent County Council act re the sales of second hand goods and the need to be registered ?  Yes, and you walked past our certificate hanging by the door on your way in.  0/10 for observation!