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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Lloyds of Letchwoth ' Pegasus'

Hello there.

New member wondering if anyone else has a Lloyds of Letchworth 'Pegasus' mower, have just refurbished mine, but have not seen or heard of another, so not sure how many were produced.

Had no response from Lloyds!.



hillsider Sat, 22/10/2011

Hello and welcome to the Old Lawnmower Club.

    I am sure that the members of this site would appreciate a couple of pictures of the machine that you have restored. I have not seen one of these machines so can not comment on its rarity or otherwise but I trust that there are some other OLC members out there who can advise us.

    Now that you have successfully completed one mower restoration do you think that you might do another one?




brummy_joe Sun, 23/10/2011

Nice to know that another rare mower is in preservation. I don't have any more information on the mower except to point in the direction of the mower profiles section on the OLC's website and section MP028 which is on the Pegasus.

The picture of an early Pegasus here looks suspiciously like a Lloyd's Pennsylvania Roller Mower that has been converted to take an engine in a similar fashion to JPs of the same era.

I too look forward to seeing some pictures of your mower.



brummy_joe Thu, 27/10/2011

Further to my previous post, there is a photo of a 1947 Pegasus on p29 of David Halford's "Old Lawnmowers" (Shire Library). As the mower had such a long production run, 20+ years, I would have to guess that a fair few were produced. It was, however, a top end and quite specialist mower which may mean that while it was produced for a long period relatively few machines were sold.

Using the price given in the advert shown in the Pegasus mower profile on this site the Pegasus would retail for several thousand pounds if it were still in production today. This relates reasonably well as the current list price for a 24" Lloyd's Paladin fine turf mower is £5195.00!

Hope this is of some use,



hortiman Thu, 27/10/2011

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the 'Pegasus' if I can get the hang of this system.


brummy_joe Thu, 27/10/2011

Very nice, too. Your mower is a different configuration from the one shown in Halford's book which may indicate that yours is an earlier example. Clearly it's the same layout as the mowers in the adverts in MP028, so can anyone put a date to these?



Clive1997 Sat, 29/10/2011


The 'Pegasus' shown in MP028 would appear to be early 1950's as I have a copy of a Suttons 1953 brochure relating to grass seeds, turf dressings & equipment it has the same picture, whilst it states available with 7 or 8 blade cylinder there is no mention of cylinder width, The price quoted £89-6s-9d

Out of interest the other 2 mowers advertised in the brochure are JP Bowling & Golf green mowers both 16" at £35 8s 11d & £37 0s 0d


 J.P Simplex Power Mower with prices for 2 & 4 stroke 14" & 16" these range from £74 to £96,

I have a 1954 JP Simplex but different design to picture shown? Mine has fuel tank across machine on top of engine, & the brochure shows petrol tank perched at crossover of handlebars in a front to back position, not sure if the 2 & 4 strokes accounted for the difference?

I seemed to have raised another query? over to the JP experts!

Happy to scan & send a copy of the Pegasus ad if required.



stonethemows Tue, 08/10/2013

Greetings All,


I was interested to re-read the previous posts on this subject as I have very recently felt obliged to rescue another example from an un-informed and dis-interested previous owner. He had been trying to get shot of it for some months; I couldn't understand why no-one was interested - apart from the obvious difference of opinion on the price !

In fact I thought I was getting  a powered Pennsylvania roller mower but on seeing it it was immediately apparent that it was a Pegasus. My machine appears similar to the one in Halfords book although the top of the handle is not visible. I'm assuming that the wooden T handle is original, it certainly seems to be, but it does not have the metal re-inforcement at the top and has the ' Pennsylvania ' script down the shaft. The side frame has the PQ logo and I was surprised to find the cutting cylinder measures seventeen and a half inches ( I have checked twice ). Not exactly a nice round number. 

So I'm wondering if this is an early transitional machine, or was the Pegasus always a quite seperate machine that was produced consecutively with the Pennsylvania roller mower ?

I will add a couple of photo's just as soon as I can work out how to resize them.

Any further thoughts or information gratefully received.