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Anyone got both a Berlingo and an Allen Scythe?

A thought I had today (just one, one a day is enough, thank you!) - I cannot for the life of me remember how my Allen Scythe was moved to it's current location, it was a short enough journey that it might even have been in a hatchback/estate car with the lid open.

At some point fairly soon it will need to be moved from Essex to Oxford, which is a rather longer trip. Can anyone tell me whether it will actually fit (It's a T or TS, btw, as far as I can recall with it being under a heap of cr*p a hundred miles away) in my Berlingo - car rather than van? I'm assuming that I'll take the cutter bar off anyway, if I have to remove the handles, is that the point at which it becomes easier to hire a bigger van? Again, it's miles away, so I can't just got and look at it. 



Adrian Sat, 19/06/2021

Well, I've finally got to Essex and been able to roughly measure the beast - which turns out to be almost exactly the same length as the maximum space available across the boot. I'm not taking it 100-odd miles with the hatch roped shut, so it's advice time, please?

How easy is it to remove the handle with the clutch rod down it?

I know (someone down the road has one in a garden, so I asked when I was passing one day!) that the LH handle is pretty simple to remove. However the other one isn't owing to the clutch rod. In addition I would have to get it into the car with the handles on so I can push it up a ramp, then dismantle it so that I could close the lid. Why did I ever get the bloody thing? Because I didn't envisage all this 25-odd years ago, did I? That, and my parents still had a very large estate car then...

The alternative may be to take my rear seats out - that only gets four lines in the Haynes manual so may be easier!

Lee Smallwood Sun, 20/06/2021

You could hire a trailer if you have a tow bar, for around £45. Would save the grief of dismantling 

Adrian Mon, 21/06/2021

No tow bar unfortunately - the Berlingo has only let me down once in terms of capacity (and that was my fault for not measuring, because it *always* fitted somehow, so I've never needed one.

I think a trip to the Berlingo Forum is in order...

Adrian Mon, 21/06/2021

Well, from seeing what other Berlingo owners have done, looks like all I need is the right size Torx head and it's just 4 bolts to get the rear seat out. so that'll be the way it's done!