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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Webb Miniature

Hi All,

Could anyone please advise if the Webb Miniature can be used as a mower with perhaps an upgraded more suitable belt in place? Does anyone on here have one in use that could advise or are these definitely only to be used as toys?



Clive1997 Mon, 06/09/2021

The Webb miniature is a toy, the existing rubber belt arrangement in designed the way it is for safety, the belt should slip if anything gets caught in blades, hopefully avoiding serious injury. To change it you would perhaps be putting little fingers at risk! I have found they do cut a few blades of grass & most children seem content in just pushing them around. 

I sometimes take a small fleet of Webb Miniatures to events & remove the belts for added safety & the children have a great time racing around with them.