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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Landmaster Saturn Rotary Lawn Mower

This is my next project, Have managed to get it running, but due to a coat of hammerite, have decided to completely strip the mower and restore it.

topgunhorse Mon, 24/03/2014

What a fabulous looking machine! What is it, 60's?

Clive1997 Mon, 24/03/2014

I agree had a unique look, the Saturn was introduced I think in 1970 & was still being advertised in 1980 when Wolseley Webb took Landmaster over.


Darmic1 Mon, 24/03/2014

Believe this to be an early machine, somewhere near 1970, Here are a few other photo's


hillsider Mon, 24/03/2014

An interesting mower and a good project,  assuming that the mower still has its original engine we should be able to give you an idea of its age from the Code No stamped into  the flywheel casing. You should find  a set of three numbers, these are the Model, Type and Code numbers of the Briggs and Stratton engine if you post them here we shall know the answer.

Darmic1 Sat, 12/04/2014

I have now found the engine numbers for this machine, they are:

Model        Type        Code

92502     0253 01    6801222

So that would make it 22/01/68? A very early model.

Darmic1 Sat, 12/04/2014

Have been busy with this machine. The engine was checked, found to be in good order. So I cleaned the fuel tank, carb, points and magnets on the flywheel gave it a splash of fresh fuel and away it went! I then dismantled it and sent some bits to the shot blasters. The engine was stripped of old paint, cleaned, etch primed and painted with matching colour. Once reassembled I started on the deck. This has a fresh coat of matched Blue. Then it was put back together. Here's the finished machine, just waiting on some reproduced decals. 

wristpin Sun, 13/04/2014

Don't think they sold in big numbers when new so to find a survivor in such sound  condition is quite a find. Now to find an equally good example of the power propelled version !

Darmic1 Sun, 13/04/2014

Hi Angus, I have also found a powered version....... The engine is done, just waiting for the deck and tin work to return from the blasters. Will get the photo's up later.

wristpin Mon, 14/04/2014

That's great. Were they both local to you?  I've noticed that even years down the line there are concentrations of a brand where there has been an active dealer. In my part of Kent there was a big dealer in the 40s, through to the late 70s when they closed down but it is amazing how many machines are still around with their labels still visible .

Darmic1 Mon, 14/04/2014

One was just outside Bridport, Dorset and the other was in Hook, Hampshire........

Darmic1 Mon, 14/04/2014

Here are the pictures of the 2nd Saturn, This one has a different engine with a PTO output to drive the rear roller, A cover over the roller, an exhaust which vents under the deck to minimize noise and to aid the clippings into the collection box, and folding handlebars.

Darmic1 Mon, 26/05/2014

Both Saturn's are now restored, just awaiting decals. Here they are side by side. The power driven one on the left, push on the right.

Darmic1 Mon, 26/05/2014

Thankyou, I could if I wanted to? My restorations are always to the standard that they could be put back into service. Maybe just once, but only on a really, really dry day........ and just for demo purposes. But then it would be out with the soapy water and a clean rag......... 

hortimech Mon, 26/05/2014

After making them look like new again, I can understand you not wanting to use them again, but I think you meant that you would only use them on a really, really WET day, otherwise the dust might abrade the paint work ;-)