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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers


The renovation of my conquest is coming together, I'm not calling it a restoration, I can't really call any if my mowers restorations as I'm not bringing them back to "as new" I'm giving them a little tinker in my little garage, I'm enjoying taking them apart, finding out how they work, admiring the effort and skill all those years ago of the people and companies that produced these fabulous machines. Then I try and put them back together again with a freshen up and freeing up to see how well they work, then they sit in my mower garage until hopefully I can get them out and let other people either admire them or wonder if I have a serious mental issue, either way, I'm enjoying the process.

The conquest is a very understated mower, the shell holds everything together creating the mechanics to run as it should, without it it wouldn't work, I always thought it was just a cowling, but it's the chassis of the machine, the cutting cylinder and bottom blade sits between their own little side plates, which also holds roller brackets and grass tray supports, these were tricky to piece back together as it's very snug, but once together, it's a strong little unit, the chain is the only thing that links the cutting mechanism to the drive wheels, at this point, no side frames, this is where the shell comes in, the drive wheel bracket, is bolted through the shell on onto the handle bracket, and the cutting cylinder assembly is held onto the shell by two bolts and 4 machine screws, the blade to blade adjusters sit through two slots either side of the shell. Wonderful things.

Lee Smallwood Sun, 19/06/2022

Just the body shell to paint next, probably later today, then reassembly, transfer is on it’s way to me so looking forward to adding more images once finished. Been an interesting, relatively easy mower to work on as not many components to deal with.