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Collection, Preservation and Display of Old Lawn Mowers

Atco Turf Replacing Weeder

I am aware that this is not an edger or mower but thought it worthy of showing as it is turf related. This is an Atco Turf replacing Weeder. The idea is to remove a plug of turf containing a weed and replace the same size plug which is weed free. You can set the plunger to take out  plugs of varying diameter . Just plunge and remove weedy plug and find a nice bit of weed free turf from an area not noticeable or important and replace. This is a superb example complete with easing spoon which is more often than not missing. Hope you enjoy the photos. Credit to Clive who flagged this up to me when it came up for sale. 

Clive1997 Sat, 02/07/2022

Thats great Sean, not many around, really jealous of your spoon, only the second I have seen.

stonethemows Sat, 02/07/2022

An excellent example of a perfectly legitimate item of lawn equipment, as valid as any edger. Also having the advantage of being ' old ', in fact very nearly a genuine antique. I would also recommend interested parties read the article in Grassbox 115. I am slightly biased as I wrote it, but don't let that put you off !