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Can anybody identify the brand of this tool?

A bit off topic, but a grass-cutting device nonetheless.

Today I came across a very nifty grass-shearing tool that I've never seen before. As you push it along the ground via its pole handle, it produces a shearing action via a set of cams on each side of the driving wheel. It's very easy to use and very effective at its task. The wheel is treaded to allow it to work on grass surfaces.

Unfortunately, the name label has been torn so I can't quite make out the brand, but from what's left I think it was made in Germany.

The aged owner could not recall when he bought it, but says it was "a long time ago".

I'm hoping that somebody may be familiar with this and can shine some light on it for me.

It works so well that if I see another one I'm going to grab it, for sure!

Here are some photos:




wristpin Sun, 20/04/2014

As you say, an intriguing device. The TUV label certainly suggests German origin and the thing has a Wolf look about it but the torn label does nothing to to support that. 

Will be interesting to see what transpires.


gtc Sun, 20/04/2014

In the original photo, at higher resolution than may be possible in the Photobucket images, at the bottom of the label I can make out these letters:

GES____  ERM__Y

I'm thinking that may be Gesellschaft Germany.


gtc Sun, 20/04/2014

Looking at that label afresh, I'm inclined to think that the brand may be Roto Servant.