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Flexa Mowers

Does anyone have any insight into the serial numbers on Flexa mowers ?

I have W14115 and A12866, I have a suspicion that the first two numbers could relate to the cutting width. Any information gratefully received.

hillsider Fri, 18/06/2010

Hello, I don't know anything about your question as such but I do have a Flexa mower of the Wilkinson Sword era so I shall try to fish it out of the back of the shed over the weekend and look to see if it has a serial number on it and post it here for you.

Regards Ray. 


hillsider Wed, 30/06/2010


 I have retrieved my Flexa from the depths of my shed. As I said previously it is a Wilkinson Sword Flexa it is marked with a label on the handles stating Wilkinson Sword Flexa No 101 12" (It is a 12 inch cut) and there is also a label on the plastic grassbox stating Wilkinson sword W121 12. Apart from this every peice of the mower has either a casting or a part number cast into it but no sign of a serial number. 

If it is of any help  I have some friends who have at least one original Flexa in their collection would you like me to email them and ask them to check their machines for numbers for you




Clive1997 Mon, 05/05/2014

Hello Colin

Firstly apologies for taking nearly 4 years to respond!!!!  But just bought another Flexa & Mary was present, although I am supposed to be banned apparently I have too many mowers already!!

Anyway it just caught my eye at a vintage sale & looked rather wide & after lecturing the guy on lawnmower history he said he wanted £8 but let me have it for £5.(probably to shut me up) I wasn't even intending to buy it but for the price of a beer & as I was driving took the mower from him. The cylinder actually measures a comfortable 19"? The number is Y18363 so your theory re cutting width may be correct, it also has No 18 on the bottom blade casting so assume it is an 18". No box but also No worm & good handle & rollers, plus the hook for the grassbox chain.

Perhaps we can revive a bit of 'Flexa' interest amongst members??

Anyone want to add any other info.



stonethemows Mon, 05/05/2014

Thanks for that Clive.

Along the way I also had a machine that apparently measured the best part of 19" but must have been an 18" cut as that was the largest size available as far as I am aware. My recollection is that although it was quite an impressive thing it was rather unwieldy and wouldn't have suited uneven ground.

Until such time as we can cross-reference a few machines  with original invoices it looks as though the numbering system will remain a mystery.