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Stanley Bridges

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Hi. Recently added to my collection is a very strange (guessing early 60s) 12 inch electric rotary mower made by Stanley Bridges. Not alot can be found online regarding the mower although the company was producing tools and electrical equipment from the early 60s. It has an early three pin plug on it and everything seems to be there and in good order. The circular blade carrier has slots for 4 blades although only two are on the mower at the moment, it may have been supplied with two and others could have been purchased at extra cost for a finer cut, due to the size and the era, It may have been advertised as a mower for the ladies, or possibly a graveyard mower . Interesting little thing and not many around from what I can gather. I'll rewire it and see if the motor works. I'll be grateful if anyone could share some light.

hortimech Tue, 16/04/2019

If is anything like the early Black and Decker mowers, it will be an electric drill without an handle under that cover. It will be a small domestic mower, there were a few about, B&D, Qualcast rota-mini etc. It was also probably only meant to be fitted with two blades at once, any more would probably overload the motor.


Lee Smallwood Tue, 16/04/2019

I'll post more photos when dismantling. Makes sense with the two blade thing if it's only a small motor under there. I'll get to it soon. Other projects in the "finish me pile" to see to first. 

Lee Smallwood Tue, 16/04/2019

Yes WP, Battersea is right, found the graces guide on the company yesterday. Drills, routers and other power tools along with electrical components they produced, I cannot find any link through various websites regarding gardening equipment they made. 

Clive1997 Tue, 16/04/2019

Hi Lee

This is a 1960 ad, as you can see this one was simply an attachment for your drill, I do have the rotary hoe & hedge trimmer,always on the look out for the grass cutter.

I assume yours is slightly later than the onw in the ad, I have volumes of gardening mags covering this period & will try & find your model when i have a few mins.

Cheers for now



stevepl Sat, 11/09/2021

Hi Clive, we think we may have what you have been looking for, a Bridges Grass Cutting Attachment, mum in law is now in a home and we are clearing her home, the item complete with a Stanley drill has been wrapped up for decades, later we found in a toolbox a small plastic bag printed with Bridges Genuine Accesories in which are the original instructions and two unused spare blades.

It is in North East Derbyshire, we can get it to Derby and close to the A38 if interest and helps.





Clive1997 Sun, 12/09/2021

Hi Steve

That's fantastic thanks, will email you direct.


Lee Smallwood Tue, 27/06/2023

Well, would you believe it, after a recent show I attended, this chap invited me to his farm where he had two or three old mowers if I was interested, so I took a look, he only found one, an early bridges lawnmower with correct drill, just like the one in the above ad, needs front wheels as one is missing and the other has split, but otherwise complete even with the chuck key for attaching it to the mower, and it works. Happy days. I’ll upload photos shortly.

Clive1997 Wed, 28/06/2023

Hi Lee

Should be able to help as now have some spares will check when back in UK next week.